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This months update:
Rerun of one of the best sets of Brenda, in a plaid skirt with leggings underneath, 
and a jacket over a red shirt, she gets herself muddy in a puddle

Movie of cute Eileen, wearing white pants under a blue shirt, covered by a green bodywarmer.
She gets totally covered with nice clay!

Movie of Esther, who actually went to the beach to do a bikini-shoot, but found a spot with wet clay.
Dared by her friend she rubs herself all over with the mud to get that 'soft-skin-feeling'. 

(also available as pay-per-download at www.wetlookstore.com

Young and cute, blond Eileen is wearing jeans pants and jacket, with a blue shirt underneath.
She gets totally muddy and takes off the jacket to get every part fully covered.

(also available as pay-per-download at www.wetlookstore.com

Supercute mudplay by Daphne and Mandy in the rain.
After they have played with oil they want to get muddy. 
Daphe in her see-through bra-less white shirt and white pants makes sure that
first timer Mandy gets fully covered!

(also available as pay-per-download at www.wetlookstore.com

On this site you will find real girls posing and playing in the mud.
The girls have big fun doing the dirty things they could only dream of when they were young!
This is where mud becomes art!